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This campaign will focus on the characters adventures in and around the Empire of Lapiria. When the game begins, the PCs will make up an Emperor’s Hand: an exceptional group of troubleshooters and adventurers, called upon to solve problems that are outside the scope of traditional tools.

This world has recently been rocked by a horrible magical war, and its attitudes toward magic have been shaped accordingly.

In the world of Susphiria, the gods distant and men’s faith must do to sustain them. In every major religion, the time of miracles has passed. Gods do not grant powers to their followers, and some doubt they even exist. Clerics still exist as a class, but they are arcane spellcasters like wizards.

These hypothetical and uncertain gods did not see fit to populate the world with a multitude of intelligent beings. Only humans and elves are indigenous to the planet. Other beings were created by the Mage Lords using men, elves, and animals. Characters for this campaign will mostly be human. Elves are almost unheard of in the region of Lapiria; the remains of their homeland lie to the east.

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